Pace setting Activities



A sub – committee – under the committee of “Miscellaneous Activities Committee” is constituted for the effective implementation of pace setting activities.  The following pace setting activities are suggested to be undertaken during the year.

1. Extension programme of Population Education related subjects like Pulse Polio Drive, AIDS Awareness, etc.,
2. Organizing of Workshops on various subjects involving teachers of Cluster Level JNVs and the teachers of other schools.
3. Arrange guest lectures / seminars on various syllabus related and general subjects – particularly on Career Guidance of the students.
4. Tree Plantation and beautification of campus.
5. Adopt the neighboring village / locality for health and hygiene awareness.
 i. Literacy programme
 ii. Help the schools in Devarahalli by lending to them equipments of the Vidyalaya for conducting activities in their schools.
 iii. Encourage reading habits among the children through  “Mobile Library” scheme.
iv. Extend Library & Computer facilities to nearby school children.
 v. Organize matches / athletic activities involving other schools in the district.
 vi. Organize “Science Model Exhibition” involving other schools of the district.
 vii. Organize work shops / seminars involving teachers of neighbouring schools / cluster JNVs