Computer Education

As envisaged by NVS, Computer Literacy Programme will be followed vigorously.  Teachers will also be encouraged to use computer in Teaching-Learning Process.  Most of the teachers taught one or the other chapters of their subjects concern through Power Point presentation using LCD to make the learning process more interest and effective.  Faculty will also prepare the question papers for all sorts of internal Tests/Examinations and do result analysis by themselves. Thus each teacher, by the end of the academic year, will be able to cover a minimum 30% of lessons through computers.
          Two periods each from 6th to 12th classes will be allotted and taught with the prescribed syllabus of basics in Computer Education. Vidyalaya offers Computer Science at +1 level w.e.f. 2007 – 08 with necessary approval of the NVS, RO (Hyd) and CBSE.
          Computer Lab is equipped with 41 Systems (Computers) along with LAN Connection, Internet facilities, scanners, Web Camera, Head phone, LCDs etc.. 10 more computers have also been sanctioned for the academic year (2008 – 09).  These are  established in Class rooms at the rate one per class .
The vidyalaya has also insrtrodcued Computer Science as an Optional Subject from the academic year 2007-08 and the First Batch of Computer Scinece students came up with 100 % result. A separate  “ Resource Room “ has been esatblished with LCD screen and on emonitor. ICT related classes are conducted by the teachers. At least 30 % of portions are planned to be covered with the help of ICT .
The Vidyalaya is committed to provide modern quality education. In the changing era of technology burst, the emphasize is gradually, but certainly shifting from the teacher to the taught and from teaching to learning.The Vidyalaya follows a fusion of technology and traditionalism. It has heralded and has become the harbinger of usage of technology not only for Teaching- Learning Process but also for general administration which include maintaining of profiles of students.It earnestly hopes and believes that the day is not far when JNV, Davnagere will be known for its innovative methods and strategies.
Due to implementation of computers in various field of activities , the vidyalaya was chosen for NVS-Intel Award for the year 2008-09.