It is one of the important schemes of the Samiti wherein exchange of students of 33% at class-IX level from non-Hindi Speaking Areas to the Hindi speaking areas and Vice-versa takes place for an academic year. This Vidyalaya is linked to JNV Maharajganj, UP for the purpose. The details of Migration of students during 2008-09 are as follows :
  1. FOR THE Students who are TO BE migrated TO JNV, MAHARAJGANJ:
1. The selection process of the students for migration during the current session has already been done in the month of February, 2008 wherein 15boys & 8 girls have been selected for the purpose. The reservation for the train journey have already have been made.  
2.They will embark on their journey to JNV, Maharajganj on 1st July, 2008.  
3.  They will be provided with necessary stationeries items, uniform, text books, etc. before their departure as per the norms.
4.  A comprehensive chart exhibiting interest and abilities of each student in CCA, Games and Sports and Academic Records will be sent to JNV, Maharajganj at the earliest.
1.   A welcome function and dinner will be arranged on their arrival.
2.   The students will be divided among separate houses instead of lodging in a same house.
3.   Local trips to be arranged to Punyasthala, Shantisagar and other important places of Shimoga district before they return to their Vidyalaya.
4.   Annual tour will be organised to Bangalore and Mysore.
5.   When the local students go home for marriages and festivals, the immigrant students will be sent with them, with the consent of their parents so as to expose them to the local culture.
6.  The Principal and Vice Principal will meet the children once in 15 days to know about their problems and rectify them.
7.   Representative of migration students will be inducted in various committees such as Mess Committee, Sports Committee, and Vidyalaya Magazine Committee etc. Food of their choice will be provided as far as possible.
8.  Their interest in CCA and games will be encouraged by giving them equal opportunities along with local children in various activities.  They will be selected in Vidyalaya’s team for Cluster and regional Meets. 
9.  One of the students,  who returned to parent vidyalaya from migration will be convinced to adopt one brother/sister among the immigrants of JNV Maharajganj, will introduce them to be known to each other and also act as the care taker.
10.  Other guidelines issued by the Samiti will be pursued so as to implement “Migration Scheme” successfully.
11.  On “Parents Visit Saturdays” one teacher – by rotation – will visit the Migrated Students and perform the responsibilities of a parent so as to provide the feelings of home and to avoid home sickness.
12.   For the onward journey of the Migrated Students and the return journeys of the immigrated students, tickets will be reserved well in advance to ensure that their journeys become comfortable.  Escort teachers will be intimated well in advance to prepare themselves.